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It is known that litigation in general is a procedure that the client, or any citizen, resort to in the event of a dispute between two or more parties. Here, it would be best to appoint Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants, which has extensive and accumulated experience in various cases, to be your true and lawful attorney with the aim of obtaining litigation services in various fields in the best possible manner, whether the appearance is in person or online. 
The litigation services provided by Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants include many areas, including: 

  • Studying case subjects, working on collecting evidence, and providing the best solutions and legal procedures. 
  • Identifying and stating the strengths and weaknesses to clients. 
  • Assisting the client in drawing up an action plan for cases and committing to implementing it, in accordance with the law. 
  • Submitting pleadings before all (local - federal) courts, prosecution, police stations, judicial committees, and dispute settlement centres. 
  • Filing cases and defending clients, in all types of criminal cases and lawsuits, and initiating legal procedures that ensure the proper conduct of cases. 
  • Drafting all types of statements of claim, challenges before the court of appeal, the court of cassation, and grievances, petitions for reconsideration, requests to revoke judgments, and orders on petitions. 
  • Carrying out procedures for executing and following up the judgments, including material attachment, drafting and filing petitions for stay of execution and appealing the decisions of the execution judge. 

Rights, Duties and Obligations 

Once it is agreed between Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants, and the client that the Office will pursue litigation in his favour, the Office shall, through a team consisting of the best lawyers and consultants, undertake many tasks, including: 

  • Carrying out a comprehensive and accurate legal study of all dimensions related to the case from all aspects, identifying important items, which will be worked on and collecting information about them in order to determine the outcome of the litigation. 
  • Preparing a set of comprehensive reports, writing memos, collecting and classifying the necessary documents to initiate the necessary proceedings, and addressing the opponent(s) whenever that is important and necessary for the benefit of the case. 
    Filing the case to the competent court after completing all the required papers and documents. 
    Pleading and defending legally before the court. 
    Ensuring to file appeals and challenges against judgments, and other procedures that achieve the interests of the client or the party to the dispute on whose behalf it undertakes litigation and legal representation. 
    Not stopping at a specific level in litigation and following up on the case, until achieving complete victory and with great success. 

Achieving Client Goals and Requirements 

Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants is distinguished by its keenness to put the goals and requirements of clients in mind of all the Office’s employees and to rely on the use of the best legal methods and means that achieve the interests of the clients and ensure the confidentiality of information, the absence of conflicts of interest, commitment to the values of integrity and transparency, and dealing with professionalism and high professional competence in order to achieve the interests of the clients. 


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