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Legal Representation

Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants legally represents individuals, institutions and companies, and carries out the necessary legal pleading and defence before the courts, judicial and quasi-judicial authorities. It submits statements of claim, memos, and challenges, through qualified legal cadres. The Office also represents clients before the Public Prosecution, the police, ministries, and chambers of commerce and industry, and appears in hearings, investigations, interrogations, and represents them before insurance, financial, and banking bodies, and other legal and natural entities and persons in the United Arab Emirates. 

  • Advantages that Attract Clients 
    The most important thing that distinguishes Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants is that it has all the advantages that inspire clients’ confidence in taking the initiative to entrust the process of legal representation in their cases to the Office, which includes an elite group of lawyers and consultants, at all courts and levels of litigation in criminal, commercial, labour, administrative, or personal status cases, and to carry out a pleading and legal defence on their behalf in all stages of litigation, and to follow up on the cases until they end with a final judgement in favour of clients. 
    Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants deserves legal representation for its clients and principals because: 
  • It includes a specialised team of lawyers, consultants and experts specialised in legal representation before all courts of all levels and jurisdictions. 
  • It appears on behalf of clients in all types of cases. 
  • It plays the primary and fundamental role in following up on the progress of procedures at all stages of litigation. 
  • It communicates with the client regarding the stages of litigation until the final judgement is rendered and fully works on its execution, in all cases. 
  • It has values, principles, and trust. 
    Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants is distinguished by its full commitment to a set of values that it does not hesitate to adhere to in the legal representation of clients and principals. It is committed to an “integrated system of values and principles" to achieve the confidence of principals and clients, including individuals and institutions, as they are the real and lasting gain, and to deal with them within a framework of the values of credibility, integrity, transparency, excellence, sustainability, commitment, professionalism, sustainable development, honesty and full responsibility, which contributes to achieving an appropriate environment for working with our clients and various courts and institutions. The legal representation at Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants is based on a set of priorities, the first of which is that: 
    The interests of the clients come first, as the Office works to harness all its energies in order to perfectly carry out the task of legal representation in understanding and managing the legal risks facing clients and working to protect their interests. 
    Integrity in legal representation is uncompromising, as each member of the Office is committed to the utmost confidentiality of client information and works to avoid conflicts of interest in all cases and stages of litigation. 
    The Office does not exceed its primary goal, which is to provide legal services with high standards, to ensure the satisfaction of clients and principals, and to do so within a framework of keenness on innovation, diversity, growth, originality and team spirit. 
    It provides services for individuals and companies 
    The Office undertakes legal and judicial representation for all individuals, institutions, commercial, industrial and foreign companies in various fields of practice that include all legal fields. The most prominent of these services is representing companies, institutions and individuals before courts, bodies and judicial committees of all types and levels in all cases, disputes and claims, pleading and defending on their behalf, and appearing in all hearings related to the cases, and drafting and preparing all pleas, memos and legal statements in a way that meets the requirements of the clients and exceeds their expectations. 

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