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Drafting Contracts and Agreements

Good drafting of a contract requires careful consideration of its subject matter, leading to the identification of its terms on the one hand and ensuring that the wording is correct, clear, and comprehensive on the other. This necessitates adherence to certain principles during the preparation and final writing stages.  
A Legally Recognized Document 
The drafting of a contract is essentially the preparation of an agreement between individuals—both natural and legal persons. The primary legal objective of this task is to ensure that the contract is valid, accurate, and comprehensive. Its general formulation should be based on sound and valid legal principles, including a precise and detailed description. 
This legal matter receives significant attention from the team at Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants, as it is crucial that there is no room for interpretation or speculation in the contract's wording and content. The contract should serve as a binding agreement for all parties involved and be a recognized document before governmental and non-governmental entities. It operates to define rights and settle duties. 
Therefore, Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants plays a vital role in the preparation of contracts and agreements in general. With legal consultants and experts, the firm assists clients in drafting and reviewing their contracts, ensuring the correct formulation that will safeguard their rights in any agreements they enter into. 
Appropriate Standards for Implementation 
The Office provides consultations related to all commercial transactions and activities, ensures that contracts and agreements are drafted with standards appropriate to their content, plays a specific role in the processes of negotiating and concluding agreements, and provides advice on the subsequent implementation of those agreements. 
The Office provides the correct and complete drafting of the contract, precisely defining its terms, and also provides guarantees that ensure compliance with the legal principles for the client during the stages of preparing the contract and its final formulation. Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants has an elite group of consultants to assist in the careful review of their contracts, agreements, and memorandums of understanding, preserving their rights in all their contracts. The Office also has experience in the field of consultations related to commercial power of attorney: 
Drafting local contracts in all fields, especially asset sales and purchases, distribution arrangements, commercial agencies, partnerships and agreements. 
Company's Memorandum and Articles of Association, procurement, construction works, insurance, franchising and tax affairs. 
The Office provides advice on the practical application of laws and regulations and evaluates their impact on business performance in the United Arab Emirates. 
Drafting and documenting before signing 
There are many contracts that require care to be drafted in the correct legal form, in a way that guarantees the rights of their owners, and negligence in drafting them causes severe damage to their parties. These contracts include deeds of gift and trust, memorandums of association and their appendices partnership contracts and agreements, merger and acquisition contracts and agreements, shareholding contracts, structuring agreements, by-laws, and powers of attorney in general, especially general and special power of attorney, and letters of authorization. 
It also includes what is related to notices and legal correspondence, commercial agency contracts, trademark contracts, sponsorship agreements, commercial contracts, insurance policies, loan and mortgage contracts, real estate contracts, assignments, powers of attorney and franchises, legal documents, and the conditions and proposals associated with them, in addition to the settlement agreement, confidentiality of information, contracting contracts, logistics services, arbitration, and other contracts and agreements related to all areas of practice that are related to various laws. 


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