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Legal Consultations

In general, we find that Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants has a team of lawyers and consultants with deep experience in various legal fields, which enables them to provide legal consultations to clients and principals, ensuring: 
Comprehensive coverage of everything related to consultations, from providing consultation to the final solution. 
Clients are provided with tailored solutions for their issues. 
The areas through which Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants provides the necessary legal consultations to clients and principals include the following: 
Commercial law, company law, intellectual property rights, and international trade. 
Issues related to investments, real estate, cases, and dispute resolution. 
In any case, and whatever your legal needs are, Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants team is ready to serve you to the fullest extent possible, in providing legal consultations in areas related to: 

  • Companies law and commercial law. 
  • Intellectual property rights, international trade and investments. 
  • Information and communications technology and e-commerce. 
  • All cases related to government regulations. 
    The Office provides legal consultations to all interested citizens, and clients in all areas related to: 
  • Marine and aviation laws, and civil projects. 
  • Compensation operations in the United Arab Emirates. 
  • Issues related to real estate and all areas related to real estate law. 
  • Issues related to construction and engineering. 
  • Issues related to laws and regulations governing banking and finance topics and cases. 
  • Issues related to drafting wills, distributing estates, legacy planning, probate, and family matters. 
  • Topics, issues and matters related to proceedings and dispute resolution. 
    The Office, through its best lawyers, consultants and experts, also provides legal consultations on corporate recovery, bankruptcy cases, international arbitration cases, and all topics related to investment funds, private capital, labour law and immigration law, and commercial business. 
    The Office provides legal consultations related to criminal and penal law, family law, personal status law, contract and trade law, and the regulations and legislation related to those laws that serve the interest of those seeking legal consultations. 
    Consultations on “criminal” and personal status cases 
    It provides legal support to resolve disputes in general, and given the relationships that bind members of society to each other, and despite the differences in these relationships, the dispute that has arisen or may arise between the parties of society remains subject to the texts and provisions of the law. Here comes the role of Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants, which lies in presenting the legal point of view of this dispute and proposing the necessary solutions to it. 
    The consultation that the client receives is usually an opinion from an expert, and its purpose is to determine the legal situation from the various aspects that the consultation seeker wishes to know about. Given the importance of legal consultations, Lawyer Ali Al Khajeh was keen to provide this service, in all branches and fields of law, through his office, and in the form of oral and written consultations in a way that serves the interests of clients and meets their needs. 

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