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Certified Contract Notary

The office provides notary services for authenticated contracts for every client, including: 

  • Authenticating company establishment contracts, appendices, minutes of general assemblies, and board decisions. 
  • Submitting these contracts to the Economic Development Department for final approval. 
  • Executing each step professionally and with optimal performance. 
  • Ensuring authentication and certification of high quality and in accordance with international standards.  
    There are advantages to Ali Al Khajeh Advocates and Legal Consultations as it is licensed No. 1 by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development in 2023 as a certified notary for contracts. These include: 
  • Availability of swift authentication that will play in the interest of both parties in the contract, ensuring its acheivement. 
  • Delivering services with high quality in execution. 
  • Possessing the ability to professionally interact with all parties directly involved in contract notarization. 
  • Having a qualified professional team of lawyers, consultants, and administrators with diverse cultural backgrounds. 
    It is important and necessary to ensure the legal soundness of a situation by relying on a certified notary for the contract, as it brings several advantages, including: 
  • Working to enhance security and safety in society and reducing disputes between the parties involved in the contract. 
  • Providing necessary support to relevant authorities. 
  • Building integrated and effective relationships between the public and private sectors to deliver high-efficiency and guaranteed services. 
  • Ensuring quick and accurate execution of transactions. 
  • Ensuring maximum benefit from entities that work on comprehensive and secure solutions. 
    Guaranteeing the full utilisation of user-friendly systems and ensuring the comfort of clients. 
    The Risks of Not Notarizing Contracts 
    It is crucial to ensure the notarization of contracts, as failing to do so can result in severe consequences, causing harm to those who neglect the notarization process. One primary concern is that the failure to notarize a contract constitutes a forfeiture of the rights guaranteed to one or both parties involved, leading to a loss of legal entitlements in potential legal disputes. This is particularly critical in contractual disputes, necessitating a legal resolution to settle the contested cases. 
    Reducing Disputes Between Contracting Parties 
    Having a contract notary helps minimise the likelihood of disputes arising between the parties involved, regulating and structuring the contractual relationship. Notarizing contracts eliminates the spread of fraudulent contracts, providing the client or principal with complete security and a strong legal position. The role of a contract notary is not arbitrary; it involves specific qualifications and skills, resulting in being licensed as a certified notary. 

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