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Debt Collection

Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants provides debt collection services for clients from companies, institutions and individuals through all different legal forms and procedures, and through an elite group of legal consultants specialised in this field, with the aim of collecting debts owed to clients, and by taking all litigation procedures or by reaching settlements that guarantee the clients’ rights to collection. 
The services provided by Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants in the field of debt collection services depend on a number of basic areas: 

  • Estimating outstanding debts and setting collection policies. 
  • Communicating with debtors, reaching a settlement and negotiating with them. 
  • Providing and initiating legal solutions if the debtor does not respond amicably. 
  • Great successes and achievements for clients. 
    What is indisputable is that the brilliant successes and achievements achieved for the benefit of many clients, including individuals and institutions, were enough to place the name of Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants at the forefront when it comes to providing distinguished services to clients whose confidence in the Office increases day after day. This depends on specialised legal mechanisms and teams in this field: 
  • Providing comprehensive services in collection and handling through amicable settlements or through the judiciary. 
  • Property management includes preparing integrated, accurate, and periodic reports on all issues related to managed properties and debt collection in the absence of a supply agreement. 
    Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants has a team of lawyers and consultants capable of dealing with high skills as a result of accumulated experience in the field of commercial debt recovery, and serious work to enforce the rights of creditors. Especially since the Office, its lawyers, consultants and experts have achieved great success rates in debt collection cases and services for large numbers of clients, including individuals, institutions and companies in the United Arab Emirates for a wide range of clients. 
    The most notable of these successes were: 
  • Collecting commercial debts for many clients in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates. 
  • Achieving great success in reaching amicable solutions and debt settlements through negotiation with the parties to the conflict. 
  • Achieving great successes in judicial procedures in debt recovery cases before the courts in cases where an amicable settlement is not reached. 
  • Achieving broad success rates in the field of debt recovery services for outstanding loans, services, invoices and salaries, in a way that achieves what clients aspire to and achieves their interests. 
  • Achieving success rates in the field of enforcing creditors’ rights, whether inside or outside the United Arab Emirates. 
  • The Office has gained the appreciation of its clients due to the successes it has achieved in the field of outstanding cheques or bounced cheques thanks to the skills and experience of the Office’s team of lawyers and consultants. 
  • Our your best choice 
    Every client must ensure that Ali Al Khajeh Advocates & Legal Consultants is his best choice in the field of debt collection in Abu Dhabi and all the emirates of the United Arab Emirates, as it has a team of lawyers and consultants who find the shortest and best ways to resolve debt collection disputes amicably or through the judiciary in favour of the client l. Especially since they provide comprehensive studies on each case, to determine which solution is better in achieving the interests of clients, and whether it is achieved through settlement or litigation and the guarantees of each. 

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